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Mirror demisters

The Warmup mirror demister consist of an ultra thin self-adhesive heating pad that fits invisibly behind virtually any mirror keeping the mirror completely steam free.

The Warmup mirror demister gives a high degree of temperature stability, with complete resistance to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and ageing.

mirror demister

A steam-free bathroom mirror

Every bathroom needs a clean and clear mirror and after a hot bath or shower, mirrors have a habit of steaming up. Easy to install and effortless to control, Warmup Mirror Demisters provide the perfect solution to this problem by turning your conventional mirror into a heated bathroom mirror that prevents bathroom condensation from forming on the mirror’s surface.

mirror demister versions
mirror demister versions

Suitable for bathroom mirrors of all sizes

There are three sizes of demister available, however the demister’s dimensions have been designed so that multiple demisters can be used to cover larger mirrors if required. Each mirror demister provides an even and consistent heat distribution at 200 W/m², allowing the mirror to heat up faster than the surrounding area, thereby preventing mist from forming on the mirror.

Available sizes

  • Small – 260 x 360 mm
    Ideal for smaller mirrors or use more than one on larger mirrors.
  • Medium – 360 x 560 mm
    The Medium Mirror Demister is perfect for longer, slimmer mirrors.
  • Large – 560 x 720 mm
    Designed for large wall-hanging bathroom mirrors.

Easy to install and control

The mirror demisters take the form of a flat, electrically-heated film that attaches to the back of a bathroom mirror. The installation of the demister is fast and simple as the demister has a self-adhesive backing which needs to be peeled and it sticks to the back of the mirror.

The demisters can be connected to the bathroom’s lighting circuit, automatically powering the demister when the lights are switched on; or alternatively, they can be operated by an independent controller that provides power on demand. The demister is CE marked and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Suitable for zones 2 and 3

The mirror demisters are resistant to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and ageing, so its safety in a bathroom is guaranteed. They are IP54 rated, making them suitable for installation in bathroom zones 2 and 3 and outside of any zones.

Operating voltage 230 V AC ±15%, 50 Hz
Power 200 W/m²
Thickness 0,4 mm
Average temperature rise 20 ºC
IP rating IP54
Connection 1,5 m supply connection cable
Electrical class II
Certificates and marks accreditations-CE
Product code

Size (mm)

Power (W) Amperage (A) Resistance (Ω)
MD-SML1 260 X 360 14,1 0,06 3751
MD-MED1 360 X 560 33,3 0,14 1589
MD-LRG1 560 X 720 66,0 0,29 801