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Foil Heater System

Electric floor heating system for laminate, carpet, vinyl, engineered wood and other floating floor finishes.  


Directly under laminate and engineered wood

Under vinyl and carpet in combination with the dual overlay system

Large and regular shaped areas

Renovation or new construction

Simple to install, the foil heater system delivers a consistent and even heat distribution. It can also be installed under the floor finish in wet areas without the need for additional earth grids. The thermal properties of the reinforced aluminium foil used in the heater help to spread the heat evenly.

Improved savings can also be achieved by using the system in conjunction with floor insulation as it dramatically reduces heat-up times by at least 50%. It is suitable for all applications, providing primary or secondary heating in all rooms or projects that adheres to Building Regulations.

The Foil Heater System is ideal for installation in regular shaped rooms, such as living rooms and bedrooms.

Key Benefits


Installed directly under the floor finish

No self-levelling required


No raise in floor levels

Super-thin, fully earthed flat aluminum foil will not raise floor levels


Fit around objects

Wire based system, can be adapted to fit around objects, no need for complicated wiring

Guarantee & Warranty

SafetyNet Installation Guarantee

If you accidentally damage the heating system during installation, return it to Warmup and we will replace it with another system of the same make and model free of charge.

15 Years Warranty

This product comes with a 15 Years Warranty. We are completely confident in the standard of our products.

Operating voltage 220-230V AC, 50Hz
Width 50cm
Mat thickness 1mm
Insulation Advanced fluoropolymer
Output rating 140W/m²
Supply cable length 3m
Certificates accreditation-beab accreditations-CE
Model Area (m²) Length (m) Width (m) Wattage (W) Amperage (A) Resistance (Ω)
WLFH1 1,0 2,0 0,5 140 0,6 378
WLFH1.5 1,5 3,0 0,5 210 0,9 252
WLFH2 2,0 4,0 0,5 280 1,2 189
WLFH3 3,0 6,0 0,5 420 1,8 126
WLFH4 4,0 8,0 0,5 560 2,4 94
WLFH5 5,0 10,0 0,5 700 3,0 76
WLFH6 6,0 12,0 0,5 840 3,7 63
WLFH7 7,0 14,0 0,5 980 4,3 54
WLFH8 8,0 16,0 0,5 1120 4,9 47
WLFH9 9,0 18,0 0,5 1260 5,5 42
WLFH10 10,0 20,0 0,5 1400 6,1 38
WLFH12 12,0 24,0 0,5 1680 7,3 31

  1. Final floor
  2. Foild heating mat
  3. Insulation
  4. Subfloor

Thw foil heating mat was designed for installation under laminate, engineered wood, vinyl and carpet floors.

To specify the required materials it is needed to determine the available floor area to heat. This area corresponds to the total area of the space minus the surface occupied by fixtures (such as kitchen units, toilet, bathtub, etc). The area to heat is equal to the surface where circulation is possible.

Step 1: Measure room dimensions

Work out the total floor area. If the overall room is rectangle in shape, for instance like in the image 5m by 3,4m, the total area is 5 x 3,4 = 17m².

Step 2: Disregard any area taken up by furniture

Work out how much of the floor space is taken up by fixed objects. In the example shown the wardrobe occupies an are of 1,5 x 1 = 1,5m²

Step 3: Determine the floor area to be heated

The total floor area to be heated will be the total area minus the area occupied by fixtures: 17 – 1,5 = 15,5m².

Step 4: Select the foil heating mat size

Due to the fact that there must be a minimum distance of 5cm between the foil heating mat and the walls, and also because when after cutting and turning the foil there will be always a small separation, the total area of the mat should never be above 85% of the heated area.

The maximum heating mat area will be 15,5 x 0,85 = 13,18m². The largest foil mat available is 12m² so there is the need to combine 2 systems. A possibility would be 7m² plus 6m².


The system must be controlled via thermostat and we recommend the use of floor insulation in order to improve savings and system performance.

Vinyl or carpet flooring cannot be installed directly on top of the foil heating mats. When these floor coverings are used, the dual overlay system should be installed.

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