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Tempo Thermostat

The Tempo is a simple programmable thermostat that enables a quick and easy setup.

Simply program the heating settings to suit individual requirements. Avoid wasting energy and achieve savings on utility bills.

The Tempo Proportional Adaptive Function learns the time it takes to warm a room and activates the heating early so it is up to the right temperature when needed.

The thermostat provides:

  • a BETTER easy-to-use interface and intuitive design
  • a FASTER setup which takes just minutes to get right the first time
  • a SMARTER control of energy costs

Key Features


Enables to choose the time as easily as it would with a watch and quickly set the programs – heat on when needed and off when its not needed.

Clear screen displaying program details


Suitable with all Warmup electric floor heating systems and compatible with the back panel of other Warmup thermostats.

Easy control with dial and sliders

Available Colours

Available in three colours; cloud white, bright porcelain and piano black.


3 Years Warranty

This product comes with a 3-Year warranty. We are confident in the standard of our products.

Supply voltage 220-240V AC, 50Hz
Load 16A, ~3600W
Floor sensor type NTC10K, 3m long
Sensors floor / air
Dimensions 90 x 113 x 23mm
Screen Dimensions 45 x 50mm
Battery 3 months
IP rating IP20
Certificates accreditation-beab  accreditations-CE